Tek time fi read belize

Why is reading so important?

The Tek Time fi Read program was developed to encourage a love for reading in children and teens. Although many children in Belize know how to read – they do not read regularly for fun and many do not read at age-level. One of the reasons for this is limited access to affordable, entertaining, and age-appropriate books. That’s what we are all about – getting as many books at possible into homes and communities. Together we can create a culture of reading 😊

Why reading regularly is important to your child's development

Reading improves vocabulary and language skills

Children absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use words effectively in their writing and speech.

Reading (and being read to) exercises our brain

Reading strengthens brains connections and builds NEW connections, especially under 5 years-old.

Children who read achieve better in school

Reading increases achievement in all subjects.

Reading improves concentration & memory

Reading teaches children about the world around them (geography, culture, diversity, history, etc.)

Reading increases speech and communication skills

Reading develops a child's imagination & creativity

Reading helps children to develop empathy and understanding for the feelings of others

Reading is a way to escape difficult situations and relieve stress and anger

Reading is a great way to spend time together

How to encourage a love for reading in children

Set aside some time every day - turn off electronics!

Invest in fun age-appropriate books

Fill your home with colorful, fun books they WANT to read

Let the child choose the book

Even if you think it’s dumb or you’re tired of it…just smile.

Sit close together - Make it a special time

Find a special spot, comfy pillow, favorite snack…snuggle up.

Point to the pictures, ask questions, and discuss

This will help the child relate to the book and might encourage then to open up about their life.

Take books with you wherever you go

Instead of handing them a tablet or phone when you go out - give them a book.

And lastly, above all - make it fun!

It doesn't matter how you read with a child, as long as you both enjoy the time together. Don't be afraid to use funny voices and sounds - children love that!

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